Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Weekend of (British) Wrestling 8

Saturday 20th April 2013 - Brackley Leisure Centre, Brackley, Oxfordshire

Saturday afternoon saw me attend another show put on by Alan Ravenhill and James Mason in association with Welsh Wrestling. Previously, I attended their shows in Kidlington and Abingdon (both Oxfordshire) as they made their way through the South of England. Again, I was not disappointed.

I arrived at the venue and was lucky enough to meet James Mason, who thanked me for the previous write-ups of the past shows that I'd been to - just a quick note to James: I'm very happy to endorse your shows when they are as good as the ones that I've attended so far! It was very nice to be appreciated and, as always, I hope that people manage to find these posts, see the good work that James and his crew do, and attend future shows.

As with the previous shows, I was grinning throughout the show as what I saw was simple, but very entertaining - they truly put on a great family show that appeals to all. You cannot go wrong attending one of these shows!

Lee Bamber announced the evening's event and again I have nothing but good things to say about the enthusiasm and information that he provides - proving that a Ring Announcer's job is a very important one when putting a wrestling show on.

Hometown Hero -AD Driscoll
Alongside Lee, was a talented group of wrestlers with a few outside additions; adding something new to the shows that I'd previously seen. These were in the form of 'The Filth' Chris Walker and AD Driscoll - both of whose work I'm familiar with, and both who always put on a decent showing.

  • 'Mean' Tommy Dean defeated James Mason
  • A D Driscoll defeated 'The Filth' Chris Walker
  • Stevie Starr defeated Big Dog
  • Japan's Tagori defeated Josh Faulkner
  • Brackley Rumble winner: James Mason
'The Filth' Chris Walker (right) - one half of The Magnums (courtesy of
As always, everybody put in a good shift - standout performances from youngster Josh Faulkner and Stevie Starr showing great strength by slamming 400-pound Big Dog to gain the win.

Breaking the rules a little here; I'd just like to thank Tommy Dean and Big Dog for being very welcoming after the show - I found out the Tommy's football team are doomed before next season's even started, so I wish them luck!

'Mean' Tommy Dean
I urge you to check out Welsh Wrestling's website and check the 'Live Events' tab to see if there is a show in your area soon - these guys are a great bunch and it's a great family show!

Support British Wrestling!


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